Craftsmanship is about knowledge and quality. You’ll find it at Bergstein, a specialist for over fifty years when it comes to printing and printing technology. An innovative (digital) market requires a corresponding vision. Bergstein does not sell ready-made machines.


Each product is different, every football boot has a different name, each plane has its own imprint and each medicine box has a different serial number.

At least, Bergstein provides the digital printer that makes this possible. Large stocks in storage are a thing of the past, printing on demand is a fact. Quality remains constant because with these digital solutions external parameters such as varying temperatures are no longer of any influence. In addition, the efficient way of working contributes to a general cost saving. Win-win.

Local but international

Bergstein is like a Dutchman on a world trip. Machinery is installed and implemented worldwide, but the origin of the machines takes place in the Netherlands. To be precise in Kerkrade, the birthplace of the digital solutions.

‘A solution to every question.’

But what is the question? We do not believe in run-of-the-mill and that’s why we think good listening is important. We enter into a dialogue with you in order to arrive at the best-personalized machine together.


The market is always developing. If you buy the latest machine today, chances are that new parts will be on the market next year. That is why Bergstein develops modular printers.

This means that every copy can be expanded and adapted to the latest innovations and everything will be programmed so that it can be replaced if necessary.