Are you a medium to a large company, looking for an optimal printing solution including high production speed? Then the DIGI-5 is your printer. This single-pass high-speed industrial printer is suitable for both small and large product series and is modularly built. Which means that the specifications are completely customizable to your wishes and needs. A bigger size? No problem, the separate compartments enable this. In addition, you have various choices, for example from transport systems, pre-treatment equipment, print modules, etc.

The DIGI5 is equipped with a linear stage transport system to transfer products into the printer and return to the starting position after the process is completed. With the loading and unloading of the products in the same area, it is easy to fully automate the process by adding an industrial robotic arm to the process.

The DIGI-5 is standard equipped with an automated, accurate step-less height adjustment from 0.01 mm to 25 cm. With help from one or two servo motors. The printer is also equipped with printheads with a variable droplet size so that a primer, CMYK, white and/or spot colours come together in one print movement.  The circulation of printing inks and print heads in the closed recirculation system ensures a trouble-free printing process and print quality with a resolution of up to 360 or 720 dpi.

The machine operates ‘stand-alone’ which means that, besides the supply of necessary media, no further equipment is needed and everything is integrated within the DIGI-5.

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