An optimal print solution with high production speed. Whether it concerns small, medium or large companies, the DIGI-7 is the solution. A high-Speed ​​Single Pass modular tray system for printing products placed in moulds. These are placed in trays which are transported at high speed (up to 23 meters/minute) under the various print modules including pre-treatment and digital printheads.


This printer is suitable for both small and large product series. Thanks to the modular construction, the solution can be fully adapted to your wishes and requirements, just like all of our DIGI-solutions. Separate compartments make expansion possible and you can have different choices, for example from transport systems, pre-treatment equipment, print modules, etc.

Outside the printer, the carriers are transported on an industrial standard conveying system, equipped with stopping positions for unloading printed products and loading unprinted products onto the jigs. Loading and unloading can either be done manually by operators or fully automated by custom-designed pick and place units or standard industrial robots.

Choosing the right pre-treatment method as well as working with different types of inks is possible, which is necessary for good adhesion. We complete the picture with various jetable primers and/or coating possibilities for optimal results.

The machine operates ‘stand-alone’ which means that, besides the supply of necessary media, no further equipment is needed and everything is integrated within the DIGI-7.

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