The DIGI-Compact digital inkjet printer is a high-speed single pass industrial printing solution for direct to object printing. The printer has a modular design, which means that the printing process can easily be configured to match the customers’ requirements. These variations might include a pre-treatment system, different printheads for a selected color range and different curing systems like UV and near infrared. The picture below shows an overview of the DIGI-Compact single pass printer. 

The DIGI-Compact is a ‘stand-alone’ printer. This means that products enter the printer from the right side and pass continuously through the process chamber while being printed. At the end of the process, products will return to the starting position of the printer at the right side. The products are transported through the system on a transport carrier. The transport speed can be varied for different printing steps. 

On top of these carriers, a product jig will be mounted to hold specific products. These jigs are easily replaceable within short time to change over to different products. Inside the printer, the carrier is transported by a high precision conveying system for optimal print quality and image to product positioning. Loading and unloading can either be done manually by an operator, or fully automated by a custom-designed Pick & Place unit or robots.

The printer is built, using a single solid frame, to hold all functional components and to provide a stable base for correct functioning of the print process. For safety and control of the printing environment, all printer components are covered by the printer bodywork (plates and doors). At the front side of the printer the printing chamber is accessible by vertical lifting doors, for easy and complete access to the print components. Below the printing process the printer is equipped with revolving doors for accessibility of print related components like bulk ink tanks, drip trays, tools etc. At the backside of the printer all process equipment, e-panels and an industrial PC are accessible through large vertical revolving doors. 

All print process components, like print heads, pre-treatment and curing system are mounted on different bridge elements that can automatically be adjusted in vertical direction to compensate different product heights. Also, this adjustment can be used to tune the working area of process components. 

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