Bergstein Digital is also ready for you after the sale, because after sale is just as important to us as sale


Do you choose Bergstein as a partner in printing business? We will work together on the digital growth of your company. By means of specific training courses and customized support we optimise the management and further development for the perfect result!


The sky is the limit, and that is how Bergstein, a company with fifty years of experience, expertise and courage, came into being. As one of the first, Bergstein switched from pad and screen printing to the digital market, which makes us the leader in the field of digital solutions.


Bergstein works with goals that fit your vision and company. No half-measures but a total solution with the end result always in sight, a process during which the customer is completely unburdened.

We’ll take care of it! What can we add to your organisation?

Research & development

The industry is constantly developing and so are we. Everything is closely monitored, through direct contact with suppliers and ongoing tests at our own location, we continue to lead the way in the digital world. By using modular systems we can make every system future proof and up to date.

Quality Assurance

In addition to our expertise, we use high-quality materials. Since the printers are used daily, reliability and quality are our standards. If you do experience problems, please contact us.

Technical Service

With every printer we can offer a service contract to help you and your production as quickly as possible. Remote service through software with direct use of the internet or direct service on location: the customer makes his own choice.

Maintenance Programme

All our printers are equipped with a high quality maintenance programmein order to guarantee the life of the printer and the quality of the prints. By mutual agreement, a customer specific maintenance programme can be drawn up.

Our proud customers

These are the customers we already helped with a custom solution

We'll take care of it! What can we add to your organisation?