Over the past 15 years,  we have acquired a broad base of knowledge in pad/screen printing and digital printing. Knowledge that we would like to share with you, knowledge to inform you about single-pass digital printing, but above all knowledge that people in the printing industry may be interested to learn about! 

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Single VS Multi Pass Printing

Curious to know how you can speed up your printing production, then keep on reading!

You might be using a multi-pass digital printing solution to print directly on your products. A suitable solution if the quantities are small and perhaps the product is also bigger. In case your product is small and the quantities are big, single-pass digital printing solution is a more suitable printing solution.

Download this white paper to get a complete overview of all the other benefits!


Digital VS Pad Printing

Why this comparison you might think?

Digital Printing is a possible substitute for Pad Printing. Perhaps your company is having some challenges with huge amounts of stock of pre-printed products or is looking for a solution that makes personalization of each product possible. Challenges which are quite impossible with pad printing.

Download this white paper to get a complete overview of known and perhaps unknown advantages of digital printing in comparison to a pad printing.